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Fruitful JECRC ( FFJ )

Fruitful JECRC (FFJ) is one of the major initiatives of Spiritual Research Cell, JECRC, Jaipur. FFJ is actively involved in plantation of Fruit Trees in college Campus.The aim is to plant more than 1000 trees in 3 years.It provides an opportunity to connect with nature.It shows how your efforts make an impact that you and your communities may connect for years.You can co-operate by funding us for one fruit plant and we assure you to take care of your tree for next three years. This way it is a small effort to care our mother Earth. You can also plant tree on special occasions like on your birthday or on your friend's birthday or your parents' anniversary as a beautiful present for them. 

Faculty coordinator
• Ms. Chitra
• Ms. Neha Bharti 

Student Coordinator
• Jalesh Khatri
• Deveng Agarwal  
• Manan Sharma
• JyotiSinghal
• Ishita Tiwari
• Aastha Agarwal 

Plastic Free Campus

An initiative to make the camps free from plastic with prime focus on removing Single Use Plastic in the first phase. Plastic free campus is the need of the hour. The following are the hazardous effects of plastic:

• Plastic pollution is a real issue – just look around
• Plastics are made from oil and gas and their production harms our environment from added greenhouse gases.
• Nature can’t digest it, Plastics break UP into smaller pieces called micro-plastics. It never breaks down.
• Plastics affect millions of sea and land creatures who are injured or killed eating them.
• Plastics are now found everywhere: in our food, drink, in nature and all over the planet.
• Plastic food and drink packaging often contain harmful chemical additives that affect human health.
Awareness activities are conducted regularly to achieve this milestone.