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The Rajyoga Thought Laboratory is a novel concept focusing on empowerment at the thought level. It is based on the principle that thoughts are the creation of human mind and with the practice of meditation and spirituality one can master his/her own thoughts.
It is a unique project aimed to harness the hidden and still untapped inner power of the mind of an individual. It provides an individual with the opportunity for discovering the true self, develop positive attitude and the art of channelizing the thoughts in a positive, powerful and purposeful direction. Spiritual tools including meditation, reflection, visualization, appreciation and listening… are used for learning. 

An initiative of Education Wing ( RERF )

Thoughts create
our Destiny

Surround yourself with positivity,
Awaken the spirituality

Research Cell cum Office

The thought laboratory is also provided with scientific equipment's

Spiritual Library

The library is provided with rich collection of meditation for students.

Meditation Room

Spending little time in serene and pious atmosphere of meditation room

Wisdom Hall

Wisdom hall is a dedicated classroom for Meditation cum Pat Therapy sessions

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"The Essence of True Feelings"



"Visitor always give pleasure & peace"

“It is a novel idea to expose students to a very essential aspect of life. 
Wishing a great success in your efforts.”

“The excellent work done. Shall benefit large section of society.”

“Good experience, great initiative.
Went into meditative state as I entered the room. High vibes.”

"This is an excellent initiative.  
All students should be motivated to practice all these things."

"It is amazing experience for me to find myself through me after entering this spiritual cell.
Great job and thoughts."

"Excellent facility to enhance spirituality in higher education.
To facilitate emotional balance in life Helps in life work balance."

"Fantastic Place full of vibrant energy of spirituality, the place has a very calm feeling on a individual. Great addition to the campus"

"Visited the meditation center & found it very purposeful & with positive vibes. This shall definitely improve the quality of values inculcated in the students / faculty to be better persons & human souls. Good Luck!"

“Excellent work by department. First time I have seen it in any education department college. Very well conceptualized techniques to motivate and shape the personality. It is the need of the hour. –
well done. Keep it up"

"बहुत ही अच्छा केंद्र, जो बच्चे अवसाद में आ जाते है उनको यहाँ पर अवश्य लाया जावे। ऐसे केंद्र का ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा प्रचार प्रसार किया जाना चाहिए. शुभकामनाओं सहित।"

"This center is doing very good research on spirituality. We did meditation in the lab and felt very good."

"Nice experience very much required for this generation"

~~ Our Team ~~

"Exploring the power of thought"

Rajyogi BK Nirwair

Secretary General
Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu

Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya

Education Wing, Mount Abu

Rajyogini BK Sheilu Behn

Education Wing , Mount Abu

Dr. BK Pandiamani

Director, Value Education Programmes, Mount Abu 

Dr. Harish Shukla

National Coordinator
Education Wing , Ahmedabad

BK Suman Behn

National Coordinator
Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu

Dr. RP Gupta

HQs, Value Education Programmes
Mount Abu 

BK Shivika Behn

HQs, Coordinator
Education Wing, Shantivan

BK Supriya

Project Coordinator
Rajyoga Thought Lab, Shantivan

BK Chunesh

Graphics Designer
Education Wing, Shantivan

BK Burhan

Animation & Graphics
Education Wing, Shantivan

BK Sudesh Behn

Regional Coordinator
Rajyoga Thought Lab, Gurugram

BK Mukesh

Executive Member
Rajyoga Thought Lab, Jaipur

BK Chitra 

Executive Member
Rajyoga Thought Lab, Jaipur

BK Arvind

Executive Member
Rajyoga Thought Lab, Jaipur

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