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Spiritual Research Cell

In this fast pacing world running behind the power of technology, there is a loss of awareness of Self and the Supreme power. The meaning of life has changed its definition from happiness to luxury. A pious place is created in JECRC to rejuvenate and re-establish the lost definition of Self and broken connection with the Supreme. It has a sound proof ‘Meditation Room’ developed as silence zone for meditation and self-contemplation. It also includes a Spiritual Library, with collection of best selling spiritual and inspirational books.
Regular classes are conducted in Wisdom Hall which is designed as a smart classroom. A Research Laboratory for conducting research on meditation is equipped with EEG, EMG, Karadascan, Aura Scanning and other health monitoring devices. Mr. Mukesh Agarwal, Ms. Chitra Khandelwal and Ms. Aakanksha Desai are providing insight for the accomplishment of objectives of the Spiritual Cell.

Events @ Spiritual Research Cell

JECRC Campus

Mindfulness Survey at College

A survey of Mindfulness of the Faculty members was conducted using a psychological tool, Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) in May 2017.

Yoga Day at JECRC Campus

A one hour session was conducted on June 21 st , 2017 on Indian Yoga & Meditation at Spiritual Research Cell, JECRC Campus. On this occasion, Shri Mukesh Agarwal, Asso. Prof. (CSE) conducted the session on ‘Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga' and benefits of meditation in daily life’. Before this session, students did Yoga practice at SMS Stadium.

Joy of Giving & First Anniversary
of Spiritual Research Cell

During the Joy of Giving week and on the First anniversary of the Spiritual Research Cell, Oct. 6, 2017, a value based session for students of Zarurat was organized where Shri Arpit Agarwal, Director JECRC graced the occasion.

Self-Empowerment through Meditation-I

An intensive 8 days’ workshop for First Year students was organized from 2 nd -8 th Nov. 2017. Topics like Thought Management, Knowing Thyself, Understanding the Divine, Self Esteem, Student Lifestyle etc were covered during the event. Special Invitee, Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Singh Rathore, HOD CSE, enlightened the students.

AICTE Health Survey

Spiritual Research Cell Team was invited to conduct Bio-well Aura Scan of AICTE teaching and non-teaching member during a workshop on Executive Leadership Program, 24 th - 25 th Dec. 2017.

Self-Empowerment through Meditation-II

In continuation with the Workshop held in December, second series of the session on Self-Empowerment through meditation was conducted successfully for first year students during 8 th -16 th Feb. 2018. Guest Speaker Rajyogini BK Sushma enlightened the students on the last day of the workshop on the topic ‘Practical Spirituality’.

Self-Empowerment through Meditation-III

After the success of Self-Empowerment through meditation, third series of the event was conducted during 22 nd -30 th Oct. 2018. With the help of these sessions students are able to learn the different types of thoughts, ways to improve self-esteem, relationship with the Divine, dos and don’ts for student life etc… Dr. Bhavna Sharma, HoD, CSE motivated the students for attending such sessions in future.

Research Presentation at
London International Conference

Comparative analysis of mindfulness was presented at the International conference, ICICT (International Congress on Information and Communication Technology) during 27 th -28 th February, 2018 in Brunel University, London and published in Springer Proceedings. It was found in this research study that meditators are more observant and non- reactive than non-meditators. Hence, meditation helps in developing useful coping skills for successful and happy living.

Yoga Class during Smart India Hackathon

With the sunrise in the bright sunshine of March 31 st , 2018, participants were revived with some yoga exercises and peaceful meditation. After the session, teams were again guided by the mentors and then they got back to their coding again!!

Comments of Dignitaries @ Spiritual Research Cell


"The Spiritual Centre is a sea of peace in this world around us. He experience which I got here is inexplicable. The staff here is excellent."

“I felt that it is the right place for me. Everyone should visit once.”

“This is an excellent initiative. All students should be motivated to practice all these things.”

“Very good experience being here.”

“More than wonderful, Great Experience, Thanks.”

“It is a novel idea to expose students to a very essential aspect of life. Wishing a great success in your effort.”

“Unique Lab in the country giving exposure to life changing experiences.”

“Visited the meditation center & found it very purposeful & with positive vibes. This shall definitely improve the quality of values inculcated in the students/faculty to be better persons & human souls. Good Luck!”

“It is amazing experience for me to find myself through me after entering this spiritual cell. Great Job & thought.”

“Excellent work by department. First time I have seen it in any education department college. Very well conceptualized techniques to motivate and shape the personality. It is the need of the hour. well done. Keep it up”

“The visit to the Spiritual Cell reinforce my conviction to go through a yoga training.”

“Very well articulate , Self-actualization, innovative way of thinking positive, lead life a structured way- a thought by JECRC”