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The Power of Thought

We can calm our mind and heal ourselves through meditation which helps us to get to know ourselves and consciously have control on the thoughts and feelings we create. By being aware of myself as a soul and focussing my thoughts to connect with the Supreme Soul, we help in empowering our batteries and enhancing our Virtues and Powers.
Meditation gives us consistent mastery over mind and intellect.  

Rajyoga Thought Lab, NCU (Gurugram)

'Thought - the genesis of destiny'

Aim of Thought Lab

Rajyoga Thought Lab is a quality control hub to nourish the consciousness so that the mind
creates positive thought even in adverse situations. In current times, it is easy for weak consciousness to have negative thoughts. The moment a negative thought arises in our mind,
a chain reaction starts automatically. This hub aims to reprogramme our mind by checking its state and by creating pure, positive, purposeful and powerful thoughts through visualisation and meditation exercises. With meditation, we convert our weak consciousness into a positive and strong one by imbibing energy from the highest consciousness. Therefore, in Rajyoga Thought Lab, we work on our mind as a substrate to experiment and understand the following:
1. Who am I and what is my hidden potential? 
2. Mind and its capacity to generate thoughts
3. Types of thoughts we generate 
4. Is there a way we can empower our mind?
5. Understanding Meditation 
6. Harnessing its power to empower our life
7. An empowered mind is capable of creating a great future

Components of Thought Lab

In Rajyoga thought Lab focus on :
Inner Being Consciousness which is INVISIBLE